The EID ­– Energie Informationsdienst reports on the entire energy market: power plants, electricity and gas grids, energy trading, energy storage, renewable energies, digitisation, smart energy, electromobility, refineries, oil and gas production and the international energy markets. The trade journal EEK – technology and transformation of fossil and green energy provides their readers from the energy industry in Germany, Europe and worldwide with information from the fields of exploration/production of crude oil and natural gas – processing/application, petrochemistry, hydrogen as well as conversion of carbon carriers and deep geothermal energy.



The EID ­– Energie Informationsdienst offers independent information on the German and European energy market - from renewable energies, networks, digitisation and energy storage to natural gas, coal and the mineral oil market.



EEK – technology & transformation of fossil and green energy. The only bilingual (German/English) technical/scientific magazine for technology & transformation of fossil and green energy sources.